The Show Must Go On….

Show must go on
The Show must go on

The show must go on, a phrase that almost everyone has heard at least once. Whether it has been said to you, or the first time you heard it was from Moulin Rogue  (that is where I first heard it growing up) or the haunting hit song from Queen, nearly everyone has heard it. It is a beautiful song and honestly another motto that I try to use in my everyday life. You see this traveling Gypsy suffers from invisible chronic illness.

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, are evil. Like serious I would not wish them on my worst enemy. I don’t often talk about my chronic illness in a public way, but I felt I needed to address it today for some reason. Perhaps as a reminder to myself that the show must always go on, life does not stop for anyone, ever. It just keeps moving forward and so must we.

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Kindness & change

Hello June
Hello June, 2019

Has anyone else noticed the fun little tweak to the design around here? I will be the first to say it is not super obvious and I have not finished yet, but I am rather proud of myself for it. I did it myself and as someone who used to be good at building websites back in the day of GeoCities, but then got lost that makes me feel accomplished. With that being said, has anyone else watched The Kindness Diaries? There is a new season up and I Have to say once again I ended up crying at least once in every single episode. For those reading who don’t know what The Kindness Diaries are, allow me to introduce you. First you need to meet the man behind the Kindness Diaries, here he is Mr. Leon Logothetis.

Leon Logothetis
Leon Logothetis, Kindness Diaries


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London Calling…the post that started in 2018… haha

London Eye, always watching...

2/18/19 – Okay so this Lovely London post was started back in 2018 shortly after my piss off delta post LOL. Whoops. (oh and the big bit about balance haha) Yes I know I didn’t get back to it, but as usual I got tugged a million different directions. I am still working on that whole bloggy balance thing. I promise, I am working on it. Slowly,  I am getting better at it.  As always though, it is a work in progress and one thing I am getting much better about is not flogging myself so much for not getting the balance just right, especially when it comes to things that are supposed to be about enjoyment like blogging. So, lets get back to that post I didn’t finish in 2018 shall we? Yes I am going to post it with some funny little ad in’s, because why not have a laugh about it. Eh?

On with the show…

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A Gypsy Snapshot: I’m not dead … I don’t think so anyways …

A Gypsy Snapshot: I haven’t shown nearly enough of my photos from Rome last year…

A Gypsy Snapshot: Disney is so #accurate sometimes……

A Gypsy Snapshot: When you are one tired bunny but you gotta keep up with that hustle.

A Gypsy Snapshot: We don’t deserve Keanu I love him.