London Calling…the post that started in 2018… haha

London Eye, always watching...

2/18/19 – Okay so this Lovely London post was started back in 2018 shortly after my piss off delta post LOL. Whoops. (oh and the big bit about balance haha) Yes I know I didn’t get back to it, but as usual I got tugged a million different directions. I am still working on that whole bloggy balance thing. I promise, I am working on it. Slowly,  I am getting better at it.  As always though, it is a work in progress and one thing I am getting much better about is not flogging myself so much for not getting the balance just right, especially when it comes to things that are supposed to be about enjoyment like blogging. So, lets get back to that post I didn’t finish in 2018 shall we? Yes I am going to post it with some funny little ad in’s, because why not have a laugh about it. Eh?

On with the show…

Look at me making another blog post. See I was serious when I said I really wanted to try and do more with this little blog. (HAHAHA this is funny. I was trying to be all boom mic drop … and then whoops) Even if it is just for me, which at the moment I know it mostly is but hey that is okay writers are very good at talking to themselves and using life events for different bits of writing right? Well before I get off babbling to much it is time to focus on the title of this post.

London Calling. I love London. Well I love England in general and I did go more places then central London on this latest trip, but I landed in London so there. (really though I do love all of the UK but ah there is something about seeing London when that plane drops in.)

After all the drama that came from the first leg and Delta and Atlanta (I am still so upset I could not find even one tiny drop of Pepsi there) things went rather smoothly. Virgin was a pleasant ride for me. I had extra leg room and oddly (to me) no one sitting next to me all the way to London. I was able to watch a good many movies that I have been meaning to catch up on such as 12 strong (you need to see it if you haven’t) and they made sure to give us lots of food. It seemed as if every hour or so there was a snack or coffee or tea coming up and being offered.(seriously it was a lot of food. I am going to chalk this up to UK greatness again.)

But it was plane food right?

Dinner was also fairly tasty I got some rice and chicken meal that I didn’t hate. It was not my favorite airline meal ever but it could have been much worse too. I also found out that apparently why I do not like sour cream and chive potato chips I rather like sour cream and chive pretzels. Maybe because I ate some before seeing what the package said about flavor? Either way yay for trying new things and not hating them!

After landing my least favorite part of the trip was coming up. That is of course, the border agent. I mean does anyone like the border agent? I have nothing to hide and nothing to worry about as I have never done anything wrong going through but there is just something about the whole process that sets my teeth on edge. Not to mention my last trip through the UK border had me wanting to punch the agent in the teeth. (yeah that guy still grates on my nerves. One of these days I should go back and be like SEE DUDE HA..PFFT. He wouldn’t get the joke though lol).

Will it be the light side or will it be the dark side?

After my long international flight where there was a crying baby so I barely got any sleep, a super long wait in line and everything else. This guy asked me why I wasn’t traveling with my husband. COME AGAIN?! I thought I landed in England not some country where women needed an escort, I am sorry should I be wearing something that covers me more? Seriously WTF. (oh right I forgot that I posted the more about this guys haha… Seriously though…I mean SERIOUSLY THOUGH right?)

It was that situation that was on my mind the entire time I waited in the line at the border this time. Obviously I didn’t punch anyone last time, not really my style anyways. Yet it was something that was firmly stuck in my head now. Along with the standing and just wanting to take a nap.

This time the line only took about half as long (yay!) and my border agent didn’t ask me any daft questions about why I wasn’t traveling with my husband. The lady agent was in fact quite nice and even had a few nice things to say about my ink. Way to make me feel more at ease I give that a thumbs up. After getting that stamp and collecting my massive bag, it was time to just take a deep breath and feel honestly much more relaxed. That is how England makes me feel. Even though I still had a rather long tube trip ahead of me, that did not phase me at all because by now I am a tube traveling professional, thank you very much.

…And then…

2/18/19 – And that was all the further I got on the London calling post. Haha. I can sum it up that the tube trip was easy peasy and everything else about the glorious trip having to do with England … and Italy and so much else, well was a bit of perfect. Some things about that trip last year weren’t super wonderful, but that had more to do with stuff that was going on with other folks and nothing to do with the trip in of itself. So, London and all of the UK. I still and always will love you. This little Gypsy heart will always love you and you’ll always feel like a bit of home for me.

Now let’s see if we can update this blog with a little more then photos this year eh? LOL.

I also really need to finish the darn sidebar….I keep forgetting about that, lol.



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