Kindness & change

Hello June
Hello June, 2019

Has anyone else noticed the fun little tweak to the design around here? I will be the first to say it is not super obvious and I have not finished yet, but I am rather proud of myself for it. I did it myself and as someone who used to be good at building websites back in the day of GeoCities, but then got lost that makes me feel accomplished. With that being said, has anyone else watched The Kindness Diaries? There is a new season up and I Have to say once again I ended up crying at least once in every single episode. For those reading who don’t know what The Kindness Diaries are, allow me to introduce you. First you need to meet the man behind the Kindness Diaries, here he is Mr. Leon Logothetis.

Leon Logothetis
Leon Logothetis, Kindness Diaries


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